Head of Compliance

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Jan Erik Røstbø
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Be at the forefront of insurance technology as Head of Compliance!

Insurance Technology Solutions (Instech) has been ahead of marine insurance technology development for nearly 30 years. We will now start a very exciting project, where we will build our new core system from scratch. 

We are now seeking our Head of Software Compliance to keep us aligned with regulatory requirements, being a SaaS provider in the fintech industry. The successful applicant will have an absolute key function to ensure understanding and knowledge of regulations, standards and reports necessary. Owning, defining, and communicating the routines, policies and procedures that are required to achieve the required certifications. Building the understanding of why this is important (ticket to trade) and how to implement this.

Further responsibilities:

  • Defining the standards that the company must adhere to, to be compliant as a core insurance software provider (as a SaaS).
  • Responsible for the certification processes that are needed to get the required certifications.
  • Following up communications with certification organizations, revisions, and reporting.
  • Following up customer communication in regard to compliance requests.
  • Implementing an automatic auditing system in the organization, such as Kosli, to back auditing needs and requirements. 
  • Implementing the required formal compliance management systems.


As a software provider within the insurance industry, we need to adhere to various ISO/IEC standards to ensure the quality, security, and compliance of our software products and services. When working with insurance companies or organizations within the industry, we may encounter requests for SOC reports, as evidence of our commitment to data security and privacy. These reports can help build trust and demonstrate our adherence to industry-recognized standards for control and risk management. 

At Instech our teams are made up of several nationalities, consisting of both in-house employees and dedicated consultants. We have introduced our own “Learning Friday” and we truly value knowledge sharing and learning. Instech also believes in long-term relationships with its customers and employees alike. As an employer, we know that achieving a great work/life balance is hugely appreciated by our team. This positivity ultimately finds its way to our customers in the form of bold solutions born of loyalty, insight and unhampered creativity.

To build strong teams and a thriving environment we encourage you to be a part of the physical work environment at our office. Being present when there is a need for discussion or interaction with teams is crucial. Availability and visibility will be key for this role.


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For nearly 30 years, Instech has been at the forefront of marine insurance technology development. From our offices in Bergen, Norway, Instech’s mission is to improve the working lives of marine insurance professionals around the world. Our sustainable technology, designed to evolve, brings people together.Instech’s innovative solutions are specifically designed to meet the challenges of the marine, offshore energy and offshore renewables insurance markets - our focus is exclusively on these segments. To develop them, we challenge convention while also understanding that it is vital to listen to people’s needs. By doing so, Instech delivers digital tools that substantially improve the working lives of marine insurance professionals.Read more about us at www.instech.no.